Monday, January 20, 2014

Running in circles

Well not literally. But doing a lot of running stitches around circles to get my pieces all done for this block. As you can see I do a running or gathering stitch by hand then I place the Templar template in the center and draw up the gathering thread to make the seam allowance draw up around the template. I then spray starch it and dry it with the hot iron to form the circles for all the spots on the applique that need them.  

Here are the three sizes that are needed for the center of the applique block. Drying completely and when the Templar is taken out you just snug up the long thread and you are ready to layer an d stitch to the block. 

They can then be centered and stitched ahead of placing the larger circle in place. Less to stitch through it you do it a layer at a time. 

Here is a picture of the running stitch and the Templar laying in the center before I drew it up. 

Quickly the circles are ready to be pinned in place and stitched to the block. Trim the threads and you are ready to stitch away. I used thread that came from someones leftovers. I think this green thread was from WalMart and was 18 cents a spool. Great for basting, but never used to stitch something in place. I use a lot of old thread for basting pieces and also for basting quilt sandwiches together. I have so much thread ends I am trying to use it up wherever I can. 

This is a big debate that  quilters have about what kind of thread to use. Piecing has always been said to be all cotton. I have used poly/cotton thread to use up bobbins full of garment thread. I have used all cotton with poly bobbin thread. Yes I am not proud. We use cotton fabrics with polyester battings all the time. So who is right? I use quality of what ever I use. I'm not using cheap thread. Other than to baste. Stay warm Chris 

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