Friday, January 24, 2014

Been busy the last couple days

I can't eat preservatives that are in prepared foods. Than means canned goods like pork and beans and store bought canned tomatoes. So I'm left with the options of fresh or home canned or prepared foods. We like pork and beans with a quick meal and I make my own and can them. Yes it is quite a process and takes hours to do, but when you have allergies you have to do this to eat correctly.   

In between process of canning I got another block stitched. My hands need to be busy. I looked for fabric to complete this block for 
contrasts and I found more pieces I had laid out for potential blocks in other projects which I think I forgot about making. So many more combos are ready to be stitched. I envy others who are more organized than I am. Things should be in one place and in neat little piles. Right!!!!! Not in my house. I get surprises this way.
I think I am going to set up the ironing board today and press the other appliqued blocks I rinsed out and try and get true measurements so I can assemble the top so I can see how many borders I need to add to be a quilt. I need to get to the grocery store also. Things like milk and some chicken stock and coffee need to be bought.

Suppose to get to 32 degrees today. Above Zero barely right now. More snow and cold bone chilling weather to come on the first of the week. I want Spring. Chris

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