Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Canning and Baby watching

I make a hamburger vegetable soup my Mother and son love. The other day the ingredients were on sale so I bought enough to make a big batch. I cook it all together and then I can it. It has to be pressure canned because of the meat in it. I use frozen vegetables fresh potatoes and tomatoes I grew and canned this last Fall.  

As I said it makes quite a bit. 8 quarts and three pints of soup. So prep time and cooking and canning took up most of my day yesterday. We had the baby for about 6 hours and she was full of it. 

She is 10.5 months now and she is walking everywhere on her own. A couple more weeks and she will be running I'm afraid. She plays games now and hides and they panic because they can't find her and she sits and giggles. Going to be a stinker and tease I can see. 

She tried to say Grandma, but it came out as Namama. She said it more than once so that must be her way of saying Grandma. I answered her and she was satisfied I answered her so we will see if she uses it again. She has progressed in her learning skills so much more than the two older ones did it is amazing what she picks up. Poor baby had such a rough start, but she is sure growing up fast. 

Cold temps again so stay warm where you are. Chris 

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