Friday, January 17, 2014

Been busy sewing

Yesterday I got up early and went to the sewing room and was at the machine for about 6 hours off and on during the day. Then this morning I got my Shout Color Guard sheets and washed out my appliqued blocks. The sad thing is the sheets worked, but it still bled a little. The background fabric is mottled so it blends in. I think when the quilt is finished it will release more after it is washed and the red shade will fade that soaked into the background. It is faint so I'm not to upset. That is the bad thing about red. Even though you wash it and use the right chemicals to set the color it still bleeds.   

I said several days ago I was going to get some handwork prepped. Well finally last night I got some of it done. Now  I can sit at night and work handwork while watching and listening to TV. I made this background fabric 2 inches wider all the way around to make a better sized block to quilt around. I like the openness of the applique then to fill it will quilting. Some designers make the block so filled up no quilting other than in the ditch or echo quilting can be done.

I have had the sneezes today. Not sick I think it is allergies. I'm on my second Benadryl today already. I ate bacon last night and also for lunch. That is probably what triggered it. I have trouble with preservatives. And bacon and prepared meets all have nitrates or preservatives in them. That is why I cook from scratch and with mostly fresh produce and unprepared meats. I have a hankering for fast food sometimes, but I pay the price for days later. This was from homemade pizza, but I used the bacon to give more of the taste of sausage that really sets me off. 

Up early and the sneezes I guess a nap will be in order. Chris  

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