Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I spent 4 hours doing prep work

I decided it was snowing and we weren't going anywhere why not prep. I think I have everything ready for the last four blocks. Maybe some stems need to be made but that is easy.

I sat watching Ally McBeal
on Netflix. It is light hearted and funny to get distracted with. I think I am on the 2nd season and there are 8 seasons worth of watching.
I made 16 centers for the flowers. Remember I ran out of fabric as I started so had to find another substitute. Cut and running stitches made and pressed with the spray starch. So they are secure in a zipper bag with the other parts.

Then I needed 32 leaves. Also I was running out of green thread. I had to dig and see if I had a bobbin full, but I didn't. So I dug in another spot that has applique parts and pieces. It isn't exactly the same but it will do.
We got 5 inches of snow so far. Still snowing and drifting. Update on the oven. Still don't have parts and it maybe will be Friday before they get them in and then they have to work my project in. I'm making a casserole in the toaster oven tonight. Which will take a little longer, but I'm tired of fried foods. Suppose to get to -10 degrees before morning. Wind chills in the -20's. Not my kind of Winter, but the moisture is needed for the trees and the farmers. We haven't had on like this in several years. Hopefully it kills off a lot of the bugs we have had the last few years.
Hopefully you have a very Happy and Healthy New Year. Chris   

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Julierose said...

Oh that snowfall doesn't sound good at all--we are in line next they say here in SE CT Coast--there are blizzard warnings on Long Island and that's about 10 miles of ocean away from us here. I guess I'll be doing some prep work, too. hugs--stay warm Julierose