Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Obsessed and not gaining ground

I think I have a disease. The smaller the scrap is the more determined I am to use it. Does it have a name? Well the only one I can think of is OCS. New disease. Obsessive Compulsive Sewer. Does that sound good? I started digging in my bins yesterday and the potential to have a gazillion quilts come out of this mess in there. 

See this tub, well it is full right now more has been added and yet I have more to sort through and cut. As Katie says the scraps are like rabbits and they multiply as you use them. I haven't in almost a year bought anything other than backing or border pieces. Then my Mother came yesterday because we had the baby and she brought me a zippered bag of pieces. My husband rolled his eyes. It will get added to the mess in the sewing room.

Now onto the bigger problem. I need to spend more time in there sorting, cutting and sewing. I feel guilty if I stop to cook a meal or do housework. Why is the hole thing taking over my life? Well maybe because I don't have a life. As a caregiver you have to have an escape to be able to cope. When your loved one has dementia and you are constantly repeating yourself and checking up on them it is hard to have "Me" time. 

Today I'm going to start prepping for another applique project. I know 
I have so many things in the works, but handwork is a way of coping for me in the evening when he is watching TV and he wants me to sit in the same room with him. 

Last night I sat in the room with him. The TV was blaring and I had my laptop and ear buds to watch quilting from YouTube. I didn't have any handwork ready. Yes I was enjoying the video I was watching, but not being productive. 

Is there  a cure for this disease? I think there is go sew. LOL Chris      

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Cheryl Furr said...

I have a sign on my sewing room door, "Beware, Quilt Pox". I love your OCS though! I cannot throw away even the tiniest piece of fabric; it seems almost sacrilege to do so! So I you have company. I know of no cure.