Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Secondary star in the sashing

I tried to keep busy today. My back has been giving me fits. I changed the chair I have been sitting in to hand sew and watch TV. I think it is molded to my backside and I'm not sitting level.

I found this solid brown and decided to start cutting sashing to see how far my scrappy stars went. I found a neutral background fabric with some color to make the secondary stars. Since I downloaded this picture I added another section onto this one. It is starting to look pretty good for an amateur. The brown was given to me and the rest of the fabric used is scraps leftover from making other quilts. 

I think I will continue to make these stars off and on so I can use up more scraps and make another quilt for a couch quilt for one of the adults for Christmas. The blocks are 6 inches square and 2 inch sashing finished. It doesn't go fast, but uses up a lot of smaller pieces fast. 

The worst of the cold is over with for now. Noticed I qualified that statement. Never know living in the Midwest. Looks like more snow is on it's way and it isn't February yet. March can be awful cold also. I will be plugging away on this for a couple days and then see where my journeys take me. Chris       

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