Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Helped with snow removal.

I haven't done much snow removal in the last couple years. I did help when we had several inches at one time last year, but it was a mild winter.

I went in to take a nap and got up not feeling to bad, but oh my  as the rest of the afternoon wore on I ache. Sitting her in my pj's and trying to relax before time for bed.

I cut up three piles of fabric and sorted through several sandwich bags of scraps. My bins are filling up quickly. I cut more 2.5 inch squares from fabrics as I handled them. I started looking at fabric for applique shapes and stems. Greens and variety of greens are my weakness. I really don't have a good selection.

I also need shirting prints and stripes.There is a shop about 40 miles from here that has a whole wall of shirtings. May have to make a trip. After the weather breaks I do have some short trip travel plans.

This next month we need to start seeds for the garden. When I get them ready I try and clean the area good so I don't have to disturb them much before we take them outside. The seed catalogs are showing up in the mail.

Plan on bed early and up to sew some more. It has been a good distraction of late for me. Plus the creative thing and getting somethings almost done has helped also. Grocery shopping tomorrow so need to get my Shout color guard sheets while I'm out. Have a good evening. Chris  

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