Tuesday, January 14, 2014

First peanut butter sandwich

Normally I don't like my picture taken, but she wanted to feed herself and I don't have a highchair. So peanut butter and grape jelly were every where. On me, her and the table. She really liked what she was getting. She also tried Cheerios and that went over really good too. 

She has learned to move trucks, cars and tractors around and make the motor sound while she does it. I laughed because I had never heard her do it. At this age they change daily. 

Ok I am possessed, obsessed and crazy. I got a few more done this morning. I think while watching TV tonight I might do some more sorting and cutting. I need to set aside pieces for the applique I want to get ready. Kill two birds with one stone.    

My enabler Mother brought me this bag of scrapes. Not  large bag, but all usable pieces. More neutrals for the stars and yet strings for other projects. I think I'm going to move my table back into the living room shortly and collect my piles to deal with. Getting colder out and the wind is brisk. Stay warm Chris ps. I think for my birthday which is coming up soon I maybe will buy another table like the one I have. Very handy.  

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Love your hair cut!! We could be twins, almost. =)