Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Will be done today

Today will be the day for the first completed quilt since 2012. I have done a lot of stitching, but no finishes. This is the quilt with all the rows sewn on. 

This some of the detail of the quilting. Nothing special, but it makes a statement for the simplicity of the blocks. I wanted the bright colors to speak to you when you look at this. I think it is bright. 

Quarter inch echo quilting, but I used pink thread. This is as I said simple,but effective as far as securing the sandwich together, but also giving texture.
This is a picture of the overall quilt look. It is ditch stitched around the printed fabric. So it is soft quilting and not overall stiff stitching. 

The binding is being stitched down. As you can see the thread nest in the lower left corner. This was unknotted and trimmed up. I guess I got to much in a hurry and didn't pull my threads up. 

We are still in the deep freeze. So sick of being cooped up in the house. Going out today and brave the weather. Stay warm and safe. Chris
Update: All stitched and in the washer. I had used Crayola washable markers to mark it and it needed to be washed out. Plus some of the fabric had been on the shelf for about 12 years. Now it will be fresh. First finish of 2014

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