Sunday, January 5, 2014

Tips in cold cold weather

We are to have dangerously low wind chills in the morning. Schools are already cancelled. -50 degrees wind chill will freeze everything.

Our house is warm, but we live on a well. I'm worried about frozen pipes. I plan on running water for my coffee pot tonight and also to drink and cook with. Then I'm filling the bathtub to use water to flush toilets with.

We are the last in our area to get repair services so be prepared.

The local news this morning said if you were younger than 40 years old you have never experienced this type of cold.

If you loose electricity which I hope no one does. We lost it for 19.5 hours last Winter. We used pans of snow to keep food in the fridge and freezer cold. Then as the ice melted we used it to flush the toilets.

Warm blankets, gloves, hats even in the house can help. Make sure your outside animals are brought in. They need water. We had a dairy herd in this kind of weather and it was impossible to keep water flowing to them.  Check on your neighbors they can be vulnerable.
Stay warm. Chris   

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