Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Marching in the right direction

I got up this morning and decided to stitch. I found myself at the coffee pot for my second cup with the thimble still on. I'm in fact typing with it on my hand at the moment. Funny how it is like a ring on your hand you forget it is there. 

Little sewing on this one and the last one is waiting in the background. That is if I counted right, but I have been known not to count right. LOL. Feels good to getting something closer to being done.

I have many to finish, but what is a girl to do when she has this urge to start another one. This is pulling at my better judgement and screaming start me. I know go with the flow and it will be scrappy, but what am I thinking about?? My goal is to keep productive so I can see some of these done.

I have experienced a real issue with my laptop. I upgraded my Internet Explorer to IE11 about ten days ago. I keep getting this error message that my IE8 and IE10 are not on the same module run time. Well now my Blogger Dashboard won't function at all on my laptop. I can't post from there at all. I searched online and my efforts say Blogger is not keeping up with the new upgrades. It only happens with Blogger. I guess I need to figure out this issue because it is not fun to have to work around all the issues. I sent feedback to Blogger and of course no response.

I use IE because I have had so many issues with Google or Foxfire. Maybe will have to change, but then that sets off another firestorm of   issues of learning a new system. Has anyone else experienced this? I think I read others were having trouble with Blogger, but they don't go into details. I know I went back to a restore point in my computer, but the matter never changed.

I guess I'm not experienced enough to figure it out. The rough patches are like washboard roads with not shock absorbers on the old truck. Can you tell I'm old??

Starting to warm up. Above Zero today already. Heat wave. Chris

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