Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sewing like crazy

While it was snowing this morning early I got up and was whipping these through the machine. This is the size of the top of a twin bed. This is an extra long twin. 

I ran out of enough of the bricks. I have more I can cut, but my hands hurt from cutting for two days. I will get back to it. She won't need it for awhile because she is still in the crib. If I need to I can border it also. 

We got about 4 inches of snow. More to come. I went out with my husband and pushed it way from the house and the deck so he can use the blower. I want this to be over with here soon. Like I get my way on when Winter is over with.

We have talked about garden this year and because Talea is pregnant and would be very pregnant about the time harvesting will come we need to plant more for them. 

I did some more sorting and moved a portable table today so I have a better set up around my machine. Ironing station on one side and cutting space on the other side. I did set up the big ironing board in the extra bedroom so when I need to press yardage I can move to that area to press. 

Well plan on doing more sewing here today see if I get anything done. Stay warm Chris

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