Friday, February 28, 2014


I did a lot of cooking for a birthday party for tomorrow. This evening I'm doing handwork. Hexies are the handwork of choice at the moment. This is 3/4 inch on a side hexagons. 

Here are the three sizes I have made so far. The top one is 1/2 inch on a side the pink and green one is the 3/4 of an inch. The big one is a full 1 inch on a side. You can't imagine how much bigger the whole thing will be until you get them stitched together. I plan on trying to make several of each size and buying a whole cloth neutral background and appliqueing them on it for a quilt top. 

Here are some colors to make the 1/2 inch on a side star pattern. After I get the green hexies sewn on and complete the 3/4 inch one. Snow is coming and maybe a lot of drifting.  Here we are at the weekend again and it is bad weather. Everyone stay safe and warm. Chris

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