Monday, February 10, 2014

What was I thinking!

Remember I told you I was going through old quilting magazines? Well I take some to my Mother and she reads them and then I get them back. I made the mistake this morning of going through 5 of them and guess what I found three ideas for quilts. I was suppose to purge them from my collection. Sure that won't happen now. Maybe will not make them right away, but they are ones I like the looks of. Elements for them fall in the category of the size pieces I work with all the time. I guess I just keep cutting and some day I will run out of fabric. NOT....... 

These are the 4-patches I have been working on as I sew some of the string blocks. The batch is divided into 8 blocks per bundle. That way I have some idea if I'm getting close to the amount I need. Trying this method now because I can't count right. Old Age getting me. LOL

Here is a bunch of save cut off HST. As I was making other quilts if I used a 2 squares to make a HST I would save the other side for   
it was to hard to throw it away. So these bonus HST are coming in handy.My husband  stood at the door to my sewing room yesterday and just shook his head. I know he would like to get a dumpster and fill it up. But think of all the work  I put into this and still can sew for decades and not see a dent in the progress. What we treasure is amazing sometimes.
This stack is to be tackled next. I have 30 more piles just like it to work through. Strings, squares, all need to be cut and whittle through this mess. Then the sewing. I think I maybe will have to order a case of two of battings and maybe thread one of these days.  

Here is some of the progress I have made with the strings. These are 1 inch strips sew onto 4.5 inch telephone book squares. I think I have 60 of them now and I want to work to 100.

These cold days are really wearing on us, so I turn on the lights, the iron and the Netflix and keep going. I'm now watching a former TV series called "Hawthorn". It is Jada Pinka Smith as a head nurse in a large hospital. Having worked in a hospital I can relate to all that is going on. I think there is 4 seasons of it to get through.

Going to get the baby today for awhile. Mom has to go to her first Dr.'s appointment for the new baby. I decided that she needs a baby doll to say she has her own baby. Maybe it will help with the new baby coming. Maybe not? Keep sewing Chris

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