Friday, February 21, 2014

Oh My.......

No me time this morning. I know others don't understand that, but as a caregiver even if it is your husband you need time to unwind and regroup.

This morning already it is snowing. We had rain all day yesterday and snow today. I know it won't last much longer, but I will never complain about 90 degree weather again.

I need to focus today on getting more quilting done on the borders. I have some short term goals to get done and then I need to make some efforts to get Christmas quilts done. Not Christmas prints I mean as gifts. I know long way away, but I have several to make them for. A new baby will be here and all the rest of them will not want to be left out.

Well I'm going to go hide in the sewing room for a bit this morning and wind my bobbins. Have a great day. Chris

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Jean said...

I understand about being a caregiver, as I cared for my husband 24/7 for two years, until he went into the hospital with pneumonia and transitioned to eternal life from there. He had Alzheimers. He was older than I. After I quit work to care for him I joined the guild in our area, and quilting became one of my stress busters.