Monday, February 24, 2014

I've been busy, but not finishing anything

The color in this picture isn't great, but here is a kalidiscope quilt top all pieced together. I had it done in rows for over a year, but not stitched together. Some of the fabric that is in this top was gifted to me by Wanda Hansen. Thank you Wanda.

This is laying on a queen size bed. It is the size of the deck of the bed. Trying to decide if I want borders or a couple more rows to go edge to edge on this top. Always have scraps to make more. The strips in this block are 2 inch strips raw cut so 1.5 inches sewn.    

The last couple days I have not felt on top of the World. So handwork was attempted. I have all these tubs of small pieces so I decided I would try and use up a few. Surfing Pinterest I found a picture of this star configuration. But knowing me I went a step farther and made them really small. Then my husband made a suggestion to make a bunch of these in all different sizes and scatter them on a whole cloth background like a flower garden. That will take time.  

Don't know if you can see the quarter and dime laying on the star. The size of the hexie is somewhere between. I think I attempted to print out a 1/2 inch on a side hexagon. I don't think my scaling was quite right. Hey it works for what this old gal is trying to do. 

I had always when making EPP pieces had sewn through the paper to baste the edges around the template. Well this time I tacked the edges and at the corners and it went faster and is easier to remove the templates to be reused.

I want to finish the larger star today and get another in between size started. It will take some time to get all of the different sizes and the quantity made to complete what we have visioned to do. This will be my to-go handwork. I can do this will waiting on appointments. 

Temps are to fall again and some light snow coming today. I  keep thinking it won't be much longer. I want to get out and walk, but the wind goes right through you. I could go to the mall to walk, but have to drive 4 miles to get there. So I walk when I'm at WalMart and just keep looking. Stay warm today. I'm going to hand sew and watch Netflix for another hour. Chris   

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Teresa Rawson said...

Your quilt top is so bright and cheerful! Congrats on getting those rows sewn together. After a road trip through the sunny south (it was 73 one day at my Dad's place in NW Alabama...), the temps are falling again here upon my return. Ugh! I am ready for spring...and walking outside without the ice rink effect!