Thursday, February 20, 2014

Not a pretty day outside.

Woke up to rain, lightening and thunder. Three days ago it was 6 inches of snow. Who knows what is next. Well I guess I do more snow. Rain this morning and snow this afternoon. Doesn't seem right.

Got another border sewn on and started the quilting process. Maybe today in between other things I can get it sewn. I need to wind bobbins again. I'm starting to get low on my Dove Gray thread. Enough to finish this quilt. I will have to order more when it goes on sale. I get 5000 yards on a cone and use them for piecing and quilting.

Jeff is working on a headboard in the garage. I found one at the dumpster and he is re-staining and varnishing it.  When the owners of the park get someone evicted from some apartments he has he bring the leftover stuff here and gets rid of it. Sometimes you find neat things someone else has left. This is a queen sized maple headboard. I don't have one for my bed and I thought it would go with the refinished furniture we have in my bedroom. Free is good sometimes.

I made two pans of chocolate chip bars yesterday. Every winter I take some to the guys who do all the street plowing. They are pretty good about not plowing us in so we can't get out. Thank you's with a treat now and again are appreciated.

Sewing and trying to figure out meals is my game plan today. Stay warm and dry. Chris  

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