Thursday, February 13, 2014

I think I'm trying to get to much done....

91 string blocks made. I said 100, but maybe won't be enough. I have to sew these all together and it will shrink in size quite a bit. Maybe two more rows in length or I mean width. So instead of 100 it would be 126 of them. 

This is 3.5 inch 9-patches with HST's all around. So a 9-patch in a square. As I cut scraps up I'm using up small pieces to make the 9-patches. Maybe by next year I will be up to 100 of these. I've made this twice before, but I made them in larger blocks. One was queen size and the other an over sized twin. Will have to see where this one takes me. This is the fun of using scraps you can make as many or as few as you want. Never ending options. Like borders or pieced together and no outside borders or all over just the blocks. Set on point or straight setting. Crib, lap robe, twin or any size you want. 

This is a fill in project as I cut up again. The issue I have is the light pieces are not something I have a lot of. So as I find a piece I cut it to work in the 2.5 inch pieces and also for the HST's. No real plan just for the fun of it. I wanted challenging, but attractive blocks. I really have to look at what I'm doing when stitching this big block together. 

I have found I'm not doing a stellar job in sewing 1/4 inch seams. I've had to restitch several seams. You would think I would learn. I am going to see what my problem is and try and correct it today. I think I'm in to much of a hurry. I am letting the last of the seam slide to the  left side and not paying attention. That seems to be the place where I have to do my corrections. 

Last night I was stitching along and had an awful time. The stitching was looping terrible on the back of the seam. Well my bobbin winder for this machine is wore out. So I have a Sidewinder and it must not have had the right tension because the bobbin was loopy in the middle of the winding. I finally changed bobbins and all is well. Threading and bobbins are the biggest downfalls of loopy stitching. Always take time and stop clean, oil and new needle plus re-thread top and bobbin. Most of the time your tension will improve. 

We have a Dr. appt. today for my husband's yearly check up. Nothing has changed drastically, but the law says you have to see the Dr. to get your meds renewed. Today will be taken up with windshield time and waiting. Stay safe today. Chris    

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suzanne, dutchess county NY said...

Your blocks are really coming along. I've made about ten more of the Bonnie Hunter blocks that look like your big block if I join 4. I really need to make a lot more I think.
I'm not sure of the setting yet. Some times I think mine might be too scrappy. Have a great weekend. I hope you get more sleep.