Thursday, February 6, 2014

Making a few more

Here is the  stack of string piecing on 4.5 inch phone book paper squares. Recycle, recycle! As I cut my scrap pieces up many times I have a sliver that won't make a 2 inch strip so I slice it to be 1 inch strips for doing this. Mind you you can use any size paper piece and any size strip to do this block. I even used as small as 1/2 inch strips and up to 1.5 inch strips in the same block. Mixing it up you have less bulk in you seams as you piece the square together.  

The last one I made I pieced 4 squares together than sashed each four patch. This time I think I will just piece the squares together like I have them laid out in the picture. This make a different statement as many layouts do. Experiment with the different layouts till you get the right one for you.
Lots of color in these squares. It is slow going to stitch and press, but the look is pleasing plus you repurpose the old phone books and also the strips of fabric which maybe would have been in the landfill. I paid for the fabric why not use every inch of it. 

Today I get to go to town and deal with a government agency. Social Security. In a few days I will be old enough to receive benefits. Not sure if I have the right document for one that they need. I may have to go to the County Seat in the next County to get a legal form of my marriage license. I have the ceremonial copy. Maybe should just go and get the correct one and then walk in to deal with them. Save myself a headache. The county seat is about 38 miles away. Yuck windshield time. Should have gotten it years ago, but never needed it. Also when you deal with the government you had better get it right. Almost to cold to go out, but if you got to get it done you just do it. Chris  

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Katie M. said...

I love the string blocks but I get so bored working on them, they are something I rarely do - No wonder I have so darn many strips....
When my DH applied for SS, we did it all via the computer and I don't remember us having to send a copy of our marriage license. Unless you're applying under your husband's SS, you may not need your marriage license...