Saturday, February 15, 2014

Do you have a stash plan?

This stack has been gone through. No it is not set back on the shelf yet in color coordinated stacks. That is coming soon. As I handle it I'm cutting up my squares, strips and decide if it needs to go to an applique bin. Sometimes things just get to small and end up in the waste basket. But it has to be pretty small.  

This is one wall that has shelves on them and the fabric all needs to be gone through refolded and stacked according to color families. 

This is one of about 18 tubs that has scraps shoved in them. All shapes sizes and prints. This was a way my granddaughter helped me clean up some of it. Now one by one I go back and try to clean up what is in them and manage some of this mess.  

Here is an example of another tub that needs attention. So little by little I am getting this handled. I need maybe another couple months, but as we speak it is snowing out again and we will not be going anywhere for awhile. Frost usually goes down about 10-14 inches in the ground under the snow. This year it is 45 inches down in the ground and March can be really cold. Many towns have underground frozen water pipes and it is really hard on families not to have water. Some heating systems use fresh water to heat with and there isn't water to help keep the houses warm. So this means that I will be slicing and dicing and watching the snow fly. 

In the earlier post I showed this picture. The foot on the left is the generic foot. It is the truer foot than the 1/4 inch foot sold with the machine. They are both made for the brand of machine I have. The correct foot for the 1/4 inch seam has a tendency to not track well with the wider feed dogs. This is why I decided to use the other foot and it made the block to small because it wasn't a true 1/4 inch foot. Measure you might be surprised what you come up with. Use the same markings either on your machine or remeasure every time you change machines. It will save a lot of headaches after hours of sewing and nothing matches up with previously sewn parts.  Stay warm. Chris  

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Jill @ I Rather Quilt said...

This post is a reminder that i need to go through my stash and reorganize. It is too overwhelming to do it all at once. How nice you have a helper.