Monday, February 3, 2014

Lots and lots of scraps used up

This is the picture from yesterdays post. As you can see the outside edge doesn't have the star points. I thought how am I going to finish the stars off on the outside edge. Well I had a brownish print so I added the star points to the pieced edge and then it was how do I add a wider border.   

So here is the cure for all the questions. I made a 2.5 inch row with the star pints added at the spots they needed to be. Then I stitched that all the way around the quilt. That solved the first problem. Then added the wider border of the brown print to make it more the size I needed. Now it is all pressed.  

Here is the corner of the pieced section. I think it works. My scrap buckets are far less full. But I need to cut and sort through more. That effort never ends. 

Ready to be quilted. I need to piece a back and get it sandwiched. We will see how my back holds out today. With shampooing the furniture and all the sewing I did yesterday I'm a little achy today. Well a lot hurting. Awful to get old and have aches and pains. Stay warm. Chris

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Exuberant Color said...

You really got that one together fast! It seems like only a week you have been working on it. Looks nice!