Sunday, February 9, 2014

Well got a lot done, but not sleeping

Yes I was up early and all tole today I think I sewed almost 6 hours and the day isn't over with yet. I decided while I was up I would put the time to good use.

I think I cut for about an hour and got through several little stacks of fabric pieces. If it wasn't something like a green that I would use for applique pieces I cut it up. Some was big floral like tropical floral that I started slicing up. You can cut a strip from it and have different looks to the squares you cut from it.

I also got some more paper pieces cut for sashing. I have a bunch of blocks made up that will be put together with string sashing.

I think I have 60- 4.5 inch string squares made. I plan on 100 of them and go from there. I'm sure what ever layout I use a border will be used. I also made tons of 4 patch blocks. They are 4.5 inch blocks. I want to keep up with making a few here and there.

We shoveled 3.5 inches of snow over 24 hours. Below freezing temps and -30 wind chills again for tomorrow.  Hopefully they will have school tomorrow. They will be in school clear into July at the rate the weather has effected school being in session.

Sad part is we will be getting more in a few days. This has been a hard Winter for many and yet to dry for others. We are getting close To Spring each day. The days are longer which is another good sign.

Stay warm and safe. Chris

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