Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wonky Wishes Blocks or scrappy star

Lots and lots of sewing and stitching went on here. 50 X 60 inches is the size of this top so far. I'm going to use it for a couch quilt and need to add borders.

I have the fabric on hand to make the borders and also for the back of it. Which is a plus. After finishing this one two have to get done.Then I'm home free to pick and choose what I work on next. This was a break from the applique and yet I still worked on them also. 

Today I decide since we were going to be inside today 
I would do some extra cleaning. I got up and sewed for 4 hours early this morning and then got a shower than became really nuts. Washer was started, the dishwasher was started, then I got out the vac and cleaned the upholstered furniture then the carpet scrubber came out and I shampooed the couch and recliner. They are drying now. My husband just looked at me like I was crazy. 

Amazing even though we vacuum them all the time how really dirty they get. But we have grandkids and their dogs at times crawling all over them. It at least smells fresh in here. I use the pet formula and it gets rid of odors really well.
My husband smokes and even though he now goes outside it is on his clothing and it transfers to the furniture. 

The sun is peeking through, but not very warm out today. 6 more weeks of 
Winter. Don't like hearing that little tale. It can bed 50 out next week for all I care. Chris 

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Frog Quilter said...

Love the scrapy stars quilt. I am making one for my grandson who is to arrive in June.