Tuesday, February 18, 2014

No sewing to speak of, but 5 inches of snow to shovel

Yes the dreaded 4 letter word happened again yesterday. Along with rain and sleet. We can't seem to get a break. Tomorrow we get rain and snow mix. They are saying with the warmer temps flooding is going to be a big threat this year. We live in NW Illinois and all the snow from Wisconsin melts into the Mississippi River and the Rock River we live on and it all ends up here.

Grandkids were here for a 3 day weekend and were to return home yesterday, but the weather was to bad to travel. The police were demanding people to stay put and not travel. So they need to get back to their Mother's today.

So today I need to get some more cleaning done. If I do a chore everyday then sew I feel better about it.I have a catch-all counter that is overflowing. Stupid that things get set there, but it is my fault. I also have a drawer with paid receipts and bills in it that needs going through. The other thing is a cabinet that storage containers are in . You know the leftover containers that when you open the door they fall out. That is becoming an real sore subject between my husband and myself. I think we need them and he says we don't.

Little things like that take 5-10 minutes to do, but get put off. Today maybe one of them will be tackled. Because when the weather is nice I will be outside and that kind of stuff will be forgotten. Have a Great Day. Chris  

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