Tuesday, February 18, 2014

enough is enough

I think I have enough. No not angry just done with strings for awhile. This is an extra long twin bed and I wanted to make enough to make sure I had length. I will be adding a sashing between the blocks because of all the seams.

There are 115 blocks made. Not saying I won't add a few more to balance things. I will start with the quantity  I have and see how far it goes. I need to get some of the mess cleaned up because I can't stand the mess any longer. 

Today after a little cleaning I plan on getting borders cut and attached to the other string quilt and get it started on the final finish. Quilting needs to happen and I can't wait to get another one finished.

I think I have 5 tops that need to be quilted or finished. One at a time, but pick the ones that can be done in a day or two and work through the pile. Hopefully your day is productive. Chris   

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