Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Little of this and a Little of that

This maybe looks weird, but I found a big fat phone book in cleaning out a corner. Which I still have many of those to attend to, but who cares I'm sewing Right! So I cut pages to 4.5 inch squares and there was a strip on the side so they got cut into 3.5 inches for future use. That is what is in the plastic bag. 

So here is what the 4.5 inch pieces turn into. As I cut and have a smaller piece in my hand if there is any leftovers I cut it into other size pieces. My Mom thinks I'm nuts, but she has a friend in Arizona that is in her 80's and she has started doing it also. This was 1 inch strips that couldn't be cut into anything else, but 1 inch strips.  

This is some of the 2.5 squares that I had leftover from the scrappy star blocks. Hey use them up right. Well I have a block in the process, but haven't completed all the elements. So today I will get one sample done. They are a large blocks so it will go together quickly after all the
elements are pieced together. I do not know if there is a name for this one. I saw it on Pinterest and like the block. No credit was given to the picture I found and no name for the block itself.
There are half square triangles in this block. I have to change my cutting size to make them. 2.875 or 2 7/8 inch is the size to make a 2-2.5 HST's. So as I cut the neutral fabrics making the larger size and also when handling the darker fabrics. I know it sounds like a lot of fussing, but I can keep sewing and not have to stop to cut some thing different. 

Here is one of the elements of the block. Each has 8 4-patches in it of dark colors. So as I stitch I have all the 2.5 inch squares laying here and I stitch a few and make my 4 patches a few at a time.

Lots of pressing going on. Yesterday at 4:30 am I burned up my 8th iron in mt sewing career. I dug this older one out, but I want an old fashioned flat bottom iron. No steam holes. My Mom said they don't make them anymore, but I found one online on Amazon and I will be ordering it soon. When you have bias edges they ruffle when pressing with a steam holed sole plate. 

Snow like crazy here so we will be inside again today. Stay warm and safe. Chris 

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Julierose said...

Super use of old papers; your scrappy blocks really look nice! hugs, Julierose