Friday, February 28, 2014

Weekend and SNOW again

When is this Winter going to be over with? Now they are saying anywhere from 2-5 to 3-6 inches of snow. It depends on which channel you watch on TV.

This weekend I'm having a birthday party for three family members. My son's was last month,His girlfriend is tomorrow and the baby is Sunday.

 Menu :
Italian Beef sandwiches, Potato Salad, 7 layer salad, pork and beans and apple cobbler, Texas sheet cake and fudge brownie. Some like one dessert and other can't eat a dessert. I will divide up and send home extras.

So today after an appointment and in between fixing a leaky toilet I plan on doing the baking. The meat will get started in the slow cooker this evening. I need to clean also. Anyone want to come and help I'll feed you. LOL

I've been handwork and I really need to get back to my quilting. So many appointments and things I have to do I haven't  taken the time to get in there and get started. I have pulled out a bunch and need to clear surfaces also. I wanted to show someone some things and I just laid it down and didn't return to put away. Shame on me. I need to break that bad habit.

Well stay warm this week and also safe. The reason I say that is a gentleman we knew slipped and fell on ice yesterday and he died instantly after hitting his head. You just never know what will happen. Take care Chris  

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