Thursday, February 20, 2014

Whoooa back up

We have fifty mile per hour winds. It is getting windy here. Gusts at 52 MPH just west of us.

Ok I have a major issue going on in my head. I've been going through old quilting magazines and my drawers and see all the blocks I have made but not finished. Plus Pinterest and web blogs I read all the time.

I have all these ideas and now I want to not sleep and just sew. Then I keep thinking I'm not doing enough. My hands will only work so fast. I need to get this string quilt done and move on. The second border is in the process of getting quilted. I need to stop and wind bobbins again. Hopefully by the beginning of next week I hope I am real close to being done with it. If sooner then great.

In the next couple weeks I need to assess the sizes of battings I need to buy. When I quilt a queen size in sections I use two twin sized batts. They seem to cut with the sections I quilt and then the left overs on the side make the borders. That is the only problem with quilting in sections then assemble you use up more batting. But it is more manageable for me to handle. I think tonight I will trying to work on getting some backings ready for the next quilt. Never enough hours in the day. Chris  

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