Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lots of little pieces and threads everywhere

As I'm going through piles of fabrics and cutting I found some fabrics already cut into the sizes I need. So that tells me I have no form of organization skills as I was cutting. Now that I'm "trying" to do better  I want to stop and sew in between and not getting a quilt done. Can't win for loosing.  

Here is part of the sewing that has been going on. Another large block is complete. I have failed to have enough light fabrics in my stash. So as I find them in my tubs I immediately cut them to get this  farther down the road to being a block. I took a picture of two of them side by side. 

The above picture wasn't centered so took another one closer and it is way off balance or centered in the picture frame. Lack of sleep. I did stay in bed until almost 4 am this morning and not 1:30 am like yesterday morning.  

While going through tubs I found all this. Well need to qualify this.My granddaughter helped me clean last summer and she shoved things into tubs with out marking. Hey it looked cleaner, but not organized. So that is where I'm at. Trying to get through the tubs to get better organized has been an interesting process. Found things I forgot I had and things that really need to be pitched.    

I had two tubs of darker 1.5 inch strips. This is what makes the smaller 9-patches that are shown above. They are only 3.5 inches raw. They are an element for 9-patch in a square. Which is another leader and ender project. 

What ever scrap saving methods you use has to better to start with then going back and trying to make heads or tails of what I have. But as I said
I had help. I wasn't feeling the best at the time when all this was going on and just the help was a blessing. 

Still stitching every minute I can. Going to try and get some cleaning of threads that I have tracked everywhere in the house. I think I'm finally getting back into the sewing mood as of late. Funny how we all go through that. Chris 

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