Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lots and lots of thread and not done yet

Yes lots and lots of thread. I think I counted 5 bobbins of thread just for the cross hatch quilting on one side. One side is done now so onto the opposite side later this morning. 

Last night I wanted a bowl of cereal and got it all ready and went to sit on the couch I had shampooed a couple weeks. Well the bowl ended upside down on the cushion and all over me. So today I have to shampoo the cushion again. I was really upset with myself.  

I got up this morning and decided I would watch Netflix. Which I found a new to me series from the BBC. It is call "Land Girls" based on WWII women that were put to work working in the fields. If you were unemployed and no children or single you had to support your country. This is set in England and is a good series. I recommend it if you like history, romance and strife type TV. 

This is one side of this border all done and trimmed.   

It looks pretty good for an amateur. Now just to get the rest of it done.

Last night we had Autumn. She was so funny because she is learning to form words. Also you should see her shake her head yes. She signs several things also. She tells you when she is hungry and wants more and also when she has enough. Not even a year old and signing to let you know what she wants. She is amazing and wants to soak up everything she sees. 

In the 40's today and melting going on, but standing water is freezing over so can be very slick. Spring is 28 days away. Chris

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