Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Oh My......

The air temp outside is -29 degrees F. I was going out to run errands today. Maybe will have to rethink this today. Been up since 1:30 am. It was like I was suppose to be up. Already sewn for 5 hours this morning.

I did another round of cutting on a couple stacks of fabric. I found more that I had cut in another tub that wasn't marked. So it looks like I did more than what I did. I made 11 more string blocks. So up to 71 blocks of the 100.

Today I need to do some cooking. Had breakfast for supper last night. We do that every once in a while.
Ham and eggs tasted good for a change. Same boring meals this time of the year seem to make for a ho-hum meal time.

Well off to get more sewing done. See how much it warms up later. Chris


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