Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lots going on today

We are getting the granddaughter for a couple hours this morning. We need to shovel snow before they get here also.

This afternoon I have to take my Mother to amend her will. Not something I want to do, but it is for her own protection. Something that needs to be done as we get older. We think we know what we want only to realize we made a bad choice later on. Situations change and updates need to happen to save all the argument in a stressful time.

I have been making auditions of border fabrics for three tops that are ready to be quilted. I then need to measure for battings. When I scrap quilt I try and make as many blocks as I can with the scraps I have cut. Then as I need a few more to make a better size I can cut and stitch the right amount to finish. The next few days I will have a couple more tops ready to get quilted. Feels good to get them this far.

The last couple years the finishes haven't happened, but I hope several will be accomplished this year. Need to pick up hand work so little hands won't get pins, needles, and scissors when she gets here.

She went for an appointment yesterday and she will be 1 year old Sunday. They said her development skills are of an 18 month old. With the start she had as newborn that is really a miracle. So miracles do happen. Chris  

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