Saturday, January 17, 2015

Applique ideas

Hi, Well I'm getting somewhat inspired. I would like a Baltimore Album quilt challenge. I'm not a drawer. I'm a copier. I decided I would look online for ideas. Yes I'm online. Way to much time that isn't productive.

I typed in Rose mailing on Pinterest and found many ideas. Yes they use a lot of shading, but the shapes are there. The designs are so interesting to me. So almost Jacobean in shape. That is another topic to look under. This works for me because I am design challenged. 

To qualify all this research I studied to become a Librarian, but never got the degree. With the net there is an unlimited source for design and the challenge is to make it your own by applique. Also some of the designs can be quilting designs for machine and longarm quilting. The sky is the limit. 

Another source is Hungarian embroidery. Their designs are wonderful for interpretation in other art forms.  If you have a desire to further your quilting take a chance and see what is available. Sizing and printing will be your only challenge. Step outside the box and explore what is out there. Chris

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