Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Update on Mom's progress

She had her first post surgery appointment yesterday. She is healing fine, but the news wasn't really good. They thought they got it all, but she had two different kinds of cancer.

The final treatment plan is still in the works. At this point in her life she isn't convinced she will go through a lot of treatments. And at this point it is her choice. Quality of life is important. So time will tell how far she wants to go.

We had freezing rain last night and also fog. Travel until noon will be touch and go. When I got home last night the deck was a solid sheet of ice. We have a ramp on one side and I refused to try it. I walked up the stairs.

Still looking on all possible websites and social media sites to find more quilting ideas. Have saved several ideas and will work on weeding out some of them later. I'm trying to fins something is a must do today type quilt. Haven't really found the right one.

Today I need to get to my Mother's and get her to the beauty shop to wash her hair. She doesn't like to bend over for now with all the staples. Might as well treat her to a trip to the beauty shop.

Hope you have a great day. Chris

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