Saturday, January 31, 2015

I want to do this

I know I want a lot. Reading some blogs that are older posts about doing more quilting with the walking foot. Yes it is a slower process and it is a lot of marking, but if this is your talent level go for it. I'm not a good drawer with pen and paper let alone with a needle and thread. I color in the lines, but not a creative line drawer.

Mom's appointment was yesterday finally and they removed the last of the staples. Now it is the final healing process which is on track and doing well.

Today we are in line for the heaviest part of the storm which is coming through the States. 6-10 inches plus they say in some areas. Doing any running I have to do this morning and then stay in place the rest of the weekend.

Need to get some info for hooking my laptop to my flat screen TV to watch a network program we missed. I think I have all the cords to do it. Not a real techy on this stuff.

Another tip I read on a blog was if you plan on showing a quilt that is marked to washout the markings by doing this first step. The lady used her serger to secure the raw edges and before you bind it washout the markings. Then go back and add the binding. It hangs better. She said for show quilts it is a better look not to have bunched up bindings. I can see this for wall quilts, but not for a bed quilt. Every one's take on finishing is different Work with the method that works for you. This was just a different idea to try if you think it works for your needs.

Have a safe and warm weekend curled up with a quilt. Chris


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I always use a walking foot to quilt. I rarely mark, but that is because I don't do very fancy quilting.

I want to try hand quilting. It's fun to try new things, don't yiu think?

We are going to do some running this morning, too and then hunker down. Church may be at home tomorrow....

I can't figure out the tv!! And I am techy! lol

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

All you need it an HDMI cable and attach to both laptop and TV before turning them on. I couldn't do it before I had a flat screen TV with all of the hook up spots.