Sunday, January 11, 2015

Not a lick of sewing in two months.

Yes I hate to admit it, but I have really been slacking. I think about it and then never get in there to do it. I wish I had a small finish to do ikt would help maybe get me started.

We both have been so sick I need to go around with a bottle of Clorox and wipe everything down. I have worked at it, but it isn't easy when both of us are sick. I keep thinking everyday we will improve.

I guess I just need to pick a corner and work my way out. Today I am going to make soup. We want baked potato soup and also corn chowder. I have all the stuff to make it. Plan on making  big pots so I can freeze smaller amounts for my Mother for the next few weeks.

On the 19th she has surgery and for about two weeks she will be out of commission. So meals will have to be prepared and ready for her to heat up. I found out m y sister is coming to help out. Which will help me I hope. Still will have to make appointments and do her shopping.

Well off for another cup of coffee and try and get a game plan going. Chris

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Katie M. said...

it's never easy being sick but double hard when you're a care giver.. You need to take care of you so you can take care of 'them'... Hope your mom's surgery goes smoothly and thank goodness your sister will be there to help also. As for the sewing - it's not going to go anywhere and will be there when you get to it. I quit sewing once for almost 2 years.... I haven't stopped since I started up again :-) but then, I did discover quilting after that time...