Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Here and we will see where today goes

Today is not going to be my day. Doctor's appointment for my Mother and errand running day. She needs meds and so does my husband.

Decided I need a "to go bag" filled with hand work. I have had these two patterns for quite a while and now have background fabric for the look I want to achieve. They will make two different styled quilts. I need to get the ironing board out and do some pressing and get things assembled in baggies to I can jump and run and have something to do. 

I also while cutting applique shapes need to cut some more strips for my tubs of different sized strips. So the next couple days will bury myself in the sewing room and see what I can come up with. 

I'm sure I will have more than enough to work with it is just making myself do it. The stress of the last few weeks is overwhelming at times. My son is having problems, after 6 years of fighting a foreclosure that wasn't his fault it was a fraudulent mortgage he lost his house and it was sold yesterday on a sheriff's sale. So he has about 45 days to find a place and move. The mortgage company was in the wrong, but the judge got tired of the case and threw it out. He had lived there 14 years. So we will deal with that. 

Mom is on her own now. My sister left yesterday and she did help a lot. Today Mom has staples removed and we have to deal with what the results are of her tests. so sitting here trying to make some plans to cope. 

I got up this morning and got on line to find a new set of land line  phones. The kind we had are almost 13 years old and have held up well. This brand is still available but upgraded so they will be coming soon. Yes I have a land line. My internet is in a package deal with a land line. It was cheaper than going the other direction. Still is.

My Mother has a wooded edged creek behind her house and from her kitchen there was a flock of birds high in the tree tops the last few days. In this mes of birds there were about 25 Robins. Yes I said Robins. Way to early for them to be back. I saw it for myself. I know they say some Robins stick around, but this was hopeful thinking that Spring maybe is on it's way. Also the Magnolia bush at her neighbors has huge buds on the branches as do my Maple trees. Hopefully they are not fooled into nice weather too soon and get froze off. 

Have a good day. Chris 

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