Friday, January 23, 2015

Things are fine

But I'm burned out. I made three trips to Walmart yesterday looking for things my Mother needed. More running needs to happen today.

I was looking on Pinterest today and found a scrap buster idea. I will make a block and give the technique make credit. I think I have strips cut in surplus.

Later on if I need to go and stay with my Mom she has a machine at her house I can use and make blocks. I also want to get some background fabric for some applique. I need to be prepared to pick up and go on the spur of the moment..

She is doing fine, but my sister is stay with her at the moment. My sister will have to go home and with the Winter months still on us she maybe wouldn't be able to get back. She lives In Wisconsin and in the Midwest weather can happen quickly.

In the last couple days I'm now thinking I am going to survive the horrible cold I had.  It lasted about 20 days. I have heard from other in our area and they agree it is horrible and lasts forever.  I hope none of you got it.

Today we will wait by the phone from the Doctor's office. My Mother's meds are not working efficiently. Also there is a shortage of them at the pharmacy. Not just the one place it is ll over the region. Not sure why.

Need to find something in the freezer for supper and get that thawed out. I'm thinking easy, but I haven't looked to see what strikes me.

Hope everyone has a good day. Chris

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