Friday, January 23, 2015

This is the block I mentioned

I found this on Pinterest and there is a tutorial as to how to make this pineapple block without foundation.

It is shown in detail on
She has many more things on this blog so take your time and go through it. This pineaplle block can have several more rows around to make a larger block. The one I made is about 6.5 inches square so far. You need light and dark values so cut strips in 1.25 inch wide and 2.5 in. squares for the center. The triangles are cut diagonally from 2.5 inch squares.

As you can see it is a stash or scrap buster block. Make several and sew them up into a quilt before you know it. Having strips cut to the correct size will cut down your having to stop to cut each block. My kind of sewing it is something I can just sit and power sew through severl at a time and press and cut several at a time. Hope you consider making this one. Chris

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