Wednesday, January 7, 2015

So cold

Windchill is -30 degrees. The temp is -1 degree. So the wind is playing a huge roll in the over all feel.

Had Dr's appointment yesterday for my Mother. Some partially good news and some not so good news. We will know more what the plan of attack is on Friday. She is upbeat about what is going on.

Planning on the next few weeks will be a challenge. She will have to have surgery and follow up treatments. So my thinking skills about meals will have to be planning for her house and my house. I maybe will have to stay with her for a couple nights, but she should be ok for periods of time by herself during the day.

I'm finally turning the table with being sick. My husband was really sick but he is improving slowly.
It amazes me how a body can produce so much crap so quickly. Hope you all are healthy and warm. Chris

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