Saturday, January 24, 2015

Scraps are flying

This is an adaptation of the tutorial from She used 1.25 inch strips and I had so many more 1.5 inch strips so I used them. In her blog post she talks about using up to 1.75 inch strips all in the same block. You have to use the same number of the different sizes to get the finished block to be all the same.

These are strips I have cut and saved when cutting up my scrap stash. As I cut them I cut multiple sizes of strips so I have things that far when scrap piecing. I need to dig out some more neutrals to use on the light rounds. Now I stopped at 4 rounds, but you can go as many as you want. I figured I had more control of this many rounds with the bias edges. The smaller the strips the more control you will have because there is less surface to deal with.

Now that I have the first block sewn for my sample I can do chain stitching and make two or three at a time. This will make them go faster. The corners need a triangle of the lighter fabrics. If you finish on a lighter round then use darker triangles to make the blocks square.

I really encourage you to look at the tutorial for this block. She has good pictures with each step. No foundation is one less step and also printers ink isn't cheap for a large number of printed foundations. If you have strips cut you will fly through these blocks. I plan on trying to get some more neutrals cut into strips this morning and then I can start the power sewing I like to do. Watch later to see my progress. Chris

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