Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Have my hands full

Overnight we got 5 inches of fluffy snow. It is suppose to get -15 below tonight air temp with 30 mph winds.

Got out of the shower and heard the neighbor's tractor running real close. He was such a nice guy and cleaned all the snow off my drive. I then went out to shovel the steps and patio.

Well last night my husband was up off and on getting sicker by the minute. He is on the couch and goes through spells of the chills and sweats. So will have to deal with him today.

Then at 3 pm have the Dr's appointment with my Mother. She has found a lump and we now have to find out what her options are. She is at peace with the outcome. She is 87 years old and wants to be comfortable. I hope if this happens to me I would be that calm and at peace with what life deals me.

So I will be home and her house a lot of doing for the Winter. You never know what life will be when you are having fun. Hug those close to you. Chris

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