Thursday, January 15, 2015

I want to see this again

This is Russian Sage. I would like to see it blooming again. This was a picture from last Spring. Weather is suppose to get warmer in a couple days. Like in the 40's. Which is warmer than usual for this time of year here. 

The Winter is by far not over with, but I can want I guess. Knowing I have more of this weather to face wishful thinking helps for a couple hours. 

Today I need to get a positive attitude and get my backside in gear. Had an emotional setback last night and it wasn't fun. so today thinking has to be positive. It was out of my control so I don't feel any satisfaction in trying to solve the issue.  Learning things not in my control I need to walk away from. I think this is one of life's hard lessons to accept. We as parents like to shield our family members from defeat. Ok enough about that.

Today needs to be positive because the next few days are going to be hard to face. My Mother's surgery is Monday and certain parts of our lives will be forever changed. Decisions need to be made and lifestyles need changing. Make sure you know what your family members want their end of life to be. Quality is very important. My mother's outlook is very good, but as she ages we know things will change. Have the difficult conversation while good choices can be made. After such a dark subject I'm going to go and sew. Yes you heard me. sew! Have a good day. Chris

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