Sunday, January 25, 2015

Little bit of snow

It wasn't much, but it was heavy. so shoveled the drive and walkways and took a nap. Now I have a headache.

Yesterday I took an hour for myself and went to Joann's. I had a gift card that was eating  hole in my pocket. I thought if I didn't find something I really like I could always get needles or rotary blades. I did find some solid cotton fabric on sale. It was 50 % off and the color I wanted besides. I use many dark prints and the tea dyed cotton is the go to solid for backgrounds. We decorate country and it fits in with the decor. I bought 10 yards. I never have enough of it on hand.

I do want to do an applique with the solid background of this color to make it look old also. So when the mood strikes me I will have it.

I should have taken a little more time to see if the other solid colors I plan on adding at some point were there also. But under the gun to get back and check on my Mother.

When it gets a little warmer and another sale is on i will go back for more. This was a better quality than some they have on hand. This store doesn't carry the Kona Cottons. The larger store like in Rockford have them. I also can order on line.

Today is a quiet day here. Tomorrow and Tuesday will be a road trip days. 3 doctor appointments all in different directions. Two are for my Mother and one for my husband. Hopefully after that things will calm down.

Hope you have a great day. Chris

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