Friday, January 2, 2015

Ok I caved

I posted I was unplugging, well I got encouraged to just take a break. In the mean time I have been sick. I have had the horrible cold that the baby had.

Things are different in the New Year for me. I have some more freedom than what I had. I'm still recovering from being sick so things will come slow for awhile.

I have some goals I want to complete this coming year, but not going to pressure myself to get everything done. Take things one day at a time and hopefully some rough patches will work themselves out.

This last year  was stressful for me. I didn't feel like I had control and at times I didn't. Things aren't always in your control and life gets in the way of solving issues.

I'm going to clean for a few days as I feel like it then the sewing will get started again. I would like to go shopping today, but not sure I feel well enough to go out in the big bad World today and be exposed to other germs. If you have health issues think twice about going to the stores and getting exposed to all the germs out there.

I will be around and I will continue with the blog, but it will be slow for awhile. Happy New Year. Chris


Jean said...

Welcome back. Life is not a race. Take time to do what you want and care for yourself.

Sewing Junkie said...

Thanks Jean