Friday, January 30, 2015

Been to busy to sew

Been busy but doesn't mean I'm not looking at ideas. This is a Fons and Porter quilt called All Together Now. Very interesting to use up all the leftover HST's I have laying around. On my bucket list for now.

Found this and it is interesting. There wasn't a link as to who made these so sorry I can't give the person credit. This could be a quick gratification type blocks. Sew a few and keep a pile of them going while you have a few minutes here and there to just make a block. 

Hopefully some more segments of time for myself will open up in the next couple days. My Mother has a Dr's appointment today. Hopefully we get some answers also have a plan to move forward. 
We are expecting a storm coming tomorrow. The line of the storm is saying we are on the border of 4-6 inches. Each time you watch the weather they say something else. So groceries are bought and we can stay in unless my mother gets in trouble, but I think she will be fine. She is improving, but the meds aren't working well for her. 

Stay warm and safe Chris 

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Pat B said...

Just happened on your blog and am enjoying your snow pictures. I love the blocks that you showed in this post.
I have been working on the triangle quilt for a few months, on and off.