Sunday, January 18, 2015

Up early and wasting time

Yes you read it right. On the computer and more cleaning needs to get done today. I sat and had my quota of coffee and ate breakfast. Now to get started.

This next week is going to be busy for me. Mom has surgery tomorrow and there will be a lot of windshield time running back and forth to her house. She lives about 6 miles away.

As I stated yesterday we did room flop and in the process the overflow of quilting had migrated to one of the rooms. so it all got dumped back in the sewing room to the point I can't walk in the door without stepping or tripping over something.

The only thing I have to do it cook supper tonight. Well it goes in the oven about 3 pm. Pot roast with onions potatoes and carrots. I like good meals that you put in one pan and stick it in the oven to do it's work cooking.

The sky is very gray out and it looks like rain. I think it rained to the west of us so we maybe will get some of it. Next week we are facing snow again. This Winter thaw has been nice, but now things look dirty. I guess it ll goes with it.

Have a great Sunday and will get back to blogging when time allows. Chris

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