Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I'm here and still trying to get better

I get laundry and dishes done, but not a lot of constructive work done. I get up and do  a couple things and then have to sit down. This is the worse crap I have had for a long time. Hope no one else gets it. I'm still using yarn I have been storing so this is the latest pattern to try. It is a three row pattern and I can't count. Had to rip back several times to get on track again. This is a free pattern I found on Pinterest. So many free things to use on there. 

As you can see it is a scalloped edge. This particular pattern was an afghan pattern and I cut it down to be a scarf. I think it goes fairly fast if you can count. 
Today I have to go in and sew. I have some mending to do for neighbors that I have had to long. Being sick hasn't helped any. I also need to go to the store for a few things. 
I have been looking at scrap quilts on the net and also trying to make myself want to get a quilt top pin basted or hand basted to get it quilted. The other thing is trying to make some bags. I need a couple tote and also some shopping bags to go to the store. I have denim and why not recycle it for shopping bags. 

Goals today are the store and getting the mending done. Hope you all meet your goals today. Chris 

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Granny Anne Brown said...

So sorry that you have that nasty cold that is going around. It really seems to be kicking butt all over the place. I have been reading your blog for awhile now and have enjoyed all that you do. My word for myself this year is feedback because I have been so lazy at commenting for others and that is not fair. Last year you were trying to get your material organized and you made a few scrap quilts for the couch. I watched how quickly you managed to do this and I bet it looked great to see some of the material disappear. And now... Even sick, you are making some of your stored yarn get used. Good for you! You are getting things done so gently that you don't realize it.