Friday, January 2, 2015

Can't believe a body can be this sick

I'm blowing and coughing until I hurt in every bone and muscle in my body. Even my eyeballs hurt. I'm drinking a lot of water and juice and also sleeping two naps a day plus long stretches at night. I get up long enough to cough and go to the bathroom.

I wanted to get out a hand applique piece to work on that has been started for a long time, but I have no interest. I really think getting older and colds don't work well together.

I should go visit my Mother, but don't want to take anything to her. Now my husband is getting it. I wash my hands and cover my mouth. We use a dishwasher and we sleep in separate rooms. Sorry to say that, but with his Parkinson's it is to hard to sleep with him.

I received a gift card from Joann's and would like to go see what I could buy. They should be getting some Spring fabrics in soon. Maybe some garment fabric. I would like to copy some cotton knit shirts I have and that would work if I can find something I like.

Hope all of you had a good day and you were able to creative. Chris


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

You poor thing!!!

Frog Quilter said...

Hey Chris, don't worry about sleeping separate bedrooms. It happens to ALOT of older couples including me. My husband has bouts of restless leg syndrome and I snore lol. Rest and take care of yourself. Hugs to both of you. Your sewing MOJO will be back after you get better. So get better.

Katie M. said...

This too shall pass - I know because I had it over Christmas! Hope you recover quickly.